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Downloadable Photoshop Add-Ons 1

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[wpecpp name=”A3 Margin Lines” price=”1″ align=”left”]

A quick and easy set up for A3 comic book pages in Photoshop. Creating your margin lines in seconds, allowing you to get started on your comic book paneling quickly and uniformly.

When it comes to comic creation, printing is one of the last things that creators give any thought. And this often leads to bad print jobs over, what are realistically minor things to make note of and adjust accordingly. Having been printing comics since 2016, I’ve seen where this can go smoothly and you can pretty much hand the files to anyone and get the same job done by different printing professionals. On the other hand while I was still a novice I suffered unnecessary printing costs because the books were not coming out how I saw them on my screen.

Between, bleed, margin lines, screen tones, RGB/CMYK adjustments it’s very easy to drop the ball right before getting your well constructed product into your customers hands. My hope is these add-ons help someone starting out deliver a book worth collecting.

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