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Razor-Man 1

Lovemore Garwe, has been researching for the truth behind his father's death for over a month now. Running out of leads he comes across Unity Labs, an R&D company pushing the limits of science, he uncovers the ugly truth behind one of their most recent experiments and how it ties into his father's untimely end.

Razor-Man 2

After the bombing of Unity Labs, two police officers are tasked with finding out the terrorist behind this recent month long string of targeted attacks. Using his brilliant skills of deduction, the police captain pieces together the events that unfolded in the night before.

Razor-Man 3

The final recorded location of his father's leads Lovemore to a warehouse just outside town that is suspiciously heavily guarded. Making short work of the guards, Lovemore is met by the appearance of The Messenger.

Razor-Man 4

Somehow surviving the ordeal with The Messenger, Lovemore resigns himself to never knowing who was responsible or why. Returning to his auto shop he meets the temp who has been filling in for him while he has been out with a mask. After their ideals clash, he opens a package that was left for him. A carved mask imbued with a strange black energy.

Razor-Man 5

Lovemore returns to the place of his demise to meet with the people who sent him a mask. They explain what they know about his father prior to his death and will teach him to unlock Rufemo, an energy that can only be accessed once one has died in battle.

Razor-Man 6

The mysterious group that has been pulling the strings of the city manuipulating every level of law enforcement, judiciary, health care, and government meets to discuss the recent events and how to move forward.

Razor-Man 7

Dawning his mask once again, Lovemore heads out with his new found abilities to intercept The Messengers minions and stop the gears of an evil plot that is beginning to unfold in the city.

Razor-Man 8

Without his equipment, Lovemore is forced into a corner and needs to think outside the box to defeat his enemy. Meanwhile a former soldier of the army quietly acts on orders from a secret source.

[I would like this issue to be in full colour as it ties into real world events. If you would like to support this campaign and help cover the costs of hiring a colourist you can donate to the books production.]

Colourist Fund

Razor-Man 9

Lovemore begins his second encounter with The Messenger, with a clearer head and a strategy - this time he has a fighting chance!

Razor-Man 10

The Messenger is running short on time, underestimating Lovemore has pushed him into a corner. To use his unique Rufemo to turn the tides once again.