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History in the Making!

Hello everyone!

So this is it, my website designed to be the platform for my artwork and other creative endeavors. It will update you on my new projects, the comics I follow, and promote just about anything that I’m involved in closely regarding creativity, design, art and even just discussions that I will have with myself and or my peers.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a Zimbabwean comic book artist and writer. I joined the fledgling industry at the start of 2016, however I have been working on local comic books for far longer than that. In 2015, Comexposed a Zimbabwean comic book and creative collective; called for local artists and writers to submit work to their comic book compilation called Comic Up Vol one. I was fortunate enough to have a project on hand that rapidly reduced production time. Working together with a talented artist, our combined efforts gave birth to the Zimbabwean hero known as: Black Zeus!

Other projects I’m currently working on include writing and drawing the Razor-Man series, Silver Diamond and various other heroes that will surface soon enough. Added to that I work as a writer and storyboard artist on several creative teams such as; the re-branding of DigiArt Studios’ Fyr Rush and some short animations.

I hope to also make this page a beacon for those who are lost on some issues, as it is difficult to find your way in the local market. There is a mountain of challenges that can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have the right information resources, so will leave my writing for you (yes you), that you can one day sell your comic or even work with me.


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