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Getting Off The Ground! – Writing Comics

Comic book writing for the most part sucks, it really sucks. There are so many things you have to cover and keep track of, in terms of creating dynamic panel visuals, what your artist is capable of, pacing of each page, how much information you can cram into a couple of centimeters, bargaining space with lettering and art. It’s a mess. And I love it.

While everything above is a technical nightmare, once you get into the swing of it it’s like breathing and one of the most fulfilling experiences life has to offer. The problem is getting off the ground. Finding your swing, finding your rhythm, and better yet finding someone who can convert your napkin scribbles into high quality art. But again more technical elements to wade through AFTER you begin.

No amount of research, pre-reading, planning, discussions, concept art or even praying can kick off your comic other than just starting. A blank page is perfection, so go ahead and ruin that. Make mistakes. Take risks. Discover yourself and your work ethic. Discover yourself and your style. Grow. Evolve. Improve. IT’S OKAY TO MAKE A TERRIBLE COMIC BOOK! Get better as you go along! Find out why something aren’t working. Settle into the feeling that you still have lots to learn as you go along. When you start completing pages, the research, planning, concepts make the steps easier. The pacing becomes apparent when you start moving, the amount you can fit on a page becomes more natural when you start filling space.

When you create a comic you are adding to the pool of creative potential. You are opening up the narrative for differing art styles, levels and skill. The individuality of visual and literary expression. Don’t wait for opportunity. Be the opportunity!

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