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Comic Book IP Farming

“Over the past few decades, comic books have become Hollywood’s most reliable well for source material. It’s easy to see why — not only is comics one the most vibrant storytelling mediums in the world, but the books themselves offer built-in storyboarding, providing writers and directors a visual template on which to build a film.”...
By : Bill Masuku | Aug 26, 2019

Maximizing your comic revenue!

When you are producing indie content, especially in a medium that is as niche as comic books/visual literature it can often be disheartening to not see the returns you need off the bat. Breaking even (all your costs are offset by all your income, where profit equals zero), while not a massive measure of success...
By : Bill Masuku | Jul 26, 2019

Zimbabwean Comic Book Business Models

NB: While the title states ‘Zimbabwean’, I will make reference to other African countries. While creating comic books is a whole host of tasks in itself, selling/marketing the comic book is the real challenge. After all, a million dollar idea that no one sees is worthless. They key items observed here are value, cost, price...
By : Bill Masuku | Aug 2, 2018

Three African Comic Book Archetypes

It goes without that saying an entire post about it, but the African comic book wave largely borrows ideas, concepts, and themes from western comics. More specifically from the big two DC Comics and Marvel Comics publishing houses. Weirdly, the main three achetypes for characters and story telling are pulled from DC’s Trinity. Just a...
By : Bill Masuku | Aug 2, 2018

Getting Off The Ground! – Writing Comics

Comic book writing for the most part sucks, it really sucks. There are so many things you have to cover and keep track of, in terms of creating dynamic panel visuals, what your artist is capable of, pacing of each page, how much information you can cram into a couple of centimeters, bargaining space with...
By : Bill Masuku | Aug 2, 2018

Downloadable Photoshop Add-Ons 1

For $1 donation: Click here to download [wpecpp name=”A3 Margin Lines” price=”1″ align=”left”] A quick and easy set up for A3 comic book pages in Photoshop. Creating your margin lines in seconds, allowing you to get started on your comic book paneling quickly and uniformly. When it comes to comic creation, printing is one of...
By : Bill Masuku | Mar 27, 2018