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Downloadable Photoshop Add-Ons 1

For $1 donation: Click here to download A quick and easy set up for A3 comic book pages in Photoshop. Creating your margin lines in seconds, allowing you to get started on your comic book paneling quickly and uniformly. When it comes to comic creation, printing is one of the last things that creators give...
By : Bill Masuku | Mar 27, 2018

Razor-Man meets Umzingeli

Towards the end of 2016 Enigma Comix Africa went from a sole creator to a handful of talents working on multiple titles. A simple but effective look into the practice of collaboration and collaborative spirit that has been missing from comic creation throughout southern Africa as we know it. Creative teams working on a single...
By : Bill Masuku | Mar 14, 2018

Comic book art and the need for a drawing tablet

I’ve been drawing comic books, and comic art since I was in grade school, as you can imagine not all of it great. But this just meant that I still had many basic and otherwise fundamental things to learn about drawing, about the craft, and really letting my muscles mature enough in control that I...
By : Bill Masuku | Mar 14, 2018

Where my dream is headed

I started as an active member of the comic book creator’s community in 2016. The beginning was difficult, but that’s an article for another time, I want to talk about what this all means in the future and the potential that my country is sleeping on. I’ve found explaining this comes to hard heads and...
By : Bill Masuku | Jan 21, 2018

Human Interface in Comic Books

Art and information systems are so far detached from one another in terms of education that it almost seems out of place to consider them in the same spheres of knowledge let alone the use of one’s fundamentals in the instrumentation of the other. Luckily the entirety of my education has been interdisciplinary, so the...
By : Bill Masuku | Jan 17, 2018

Adding Light – Character Drawing Live Stream For most drawing is really hard, but even if you do learn how to turn the images from your mind into something that other people can see. It’s still a hell of a task to get that image to be ‘real’. Even in the world of cartoon and comic book drawing, the laws surrounding...
By : Bill Masuku | Jan 11, 2018